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Ferrets Bueller

Weihrauch hw100

I have been asked to give my opinion several times on the Hw100 and how does it compare to an AA S410, well this is my honest review of my Hw100 and it will be compared against my S410 where there are differences, i not putting the S410 down in this way, but this is were i feel the 410 is lacking sometimes and a little more time and effort by Air Arms themselves could help matters.

I got my Hw100 in late Jan of this year, i bought it to replace the S410 as my main hunting rifle. The 410 classic i was using for hunting i was finding to long and was sick of dragging the muzzle through undergrowth when it was slung on my shoulder. I have always liked Weihrauch Air rifles but never liked the thumbhole hw100 full length rifle, the carbine thumbhole came out a few years later and although that looked better i hated the look of the thumbhole stock, to me it just looks like a slab of walnut shoved on the end of a rifle. Whilst up in Doncaster picking A rifle up with a friend we went into Guns International in Barnsley (great shop by the way) and there was the brand new sporter stocked carbine Hw100. As soon as i picked the gun up i knew i had to have one as it felt so balanced and shouldered so well.

Mine is a Sporter stocked carbine version in .177 flavour, bought in Jan 2008.

The price of these has not long risen to somewhere in the ?700 mark at some gunshops, i got this pre price rise and it cost ?580. So what do you get for your money.

Semi regulated Sporter air rifle
Walnut stock
One of the best moderators on the market
2 magazines
A selection of filling adapters.

Now when comparing the Hw100 to the AA S410, most people say well the HW100 is more expensive, but if you add what you get with the HW100 to the cost of a beech S410 (back in January 0Cool

Beech S410 ?480 ish
Walnut stock extra ?65
AA mod ?40
Spare mag ?28

Total ?613

Price wise the hw100 is more expensive now and there is over a ?50 difference between a HW100 and walnut stocked s410 with those extras.

So we will start with a look at the rifle itself. As said its a semi regulated sporter, 14 shot mag system with sidelever loading, as shown below with a mag in.

And in the open position

Filled to the recommended 200 bar filling pressure and refilled at 100 bar the tiny cylinder gives 56 full power shots @ 11.6ftlbs with only an 11 fps spread through the 56 shots, plenty of shots for hunting. This makes for a very accurate rifle and it will (on a calm day) produce some fantastic groups at 70 yards (sub inch) with relative ease and considering the length of the barrel is very good. The pressure gauge is on the end of the cylinder and is a very accurate gauge, putting the AA S410's to shame. Filling is done with the supplied probe, but the cylinder can also be removed and all the needed adapters are included with the rifle.
The pressure gauge and filler blank.

The supplied Hw moderator is fantastic, making the hw100 one of the quietest rifles ive shot, the rifle barrel is screwcut to accept any 1/2" unf moderator but i cant see anybody replacing the supplied unit. Two 14 shot magazines are supplied and these are loaded by simply pushing the pellets home, nice easy system and a good thing is pellets dont fall out, were as on the S410 mag they has to be pushed past the oring with a implement to keep them in the mag, this takes time in the field, when a quick mag fill can be important the hw Mag is very quick and easy to load. Also because there are no moving parts in the mag itself i assume this costs down on the cost of them as the HW mags are ?23 only a little cheaper than the AA's but still cheaper, made of all metal they feel very substantial too.

Another good feature of the HW100 is that once a pellet has been cycled into the breech and the sidelever closed you cant cycle another pellet in other words it wont double load, repeated cocking does not cycle the mag system, which is very handy in the field if like me you often cant remember if you have reloaded your rifle. Decocking of the action is possible by holding the trigger with the sidelever open and slowly closing it, now this is were you can double load it because upon cocking the mag cycles and will put another pellet in the the breach, i know because ive done it Rolling Eyes . As said because there are no moving parts in the Hw100's mags the mags are cycled by the gun itself when you insert the mag into the action a small thumb lever has to be pushed forward locking the mag in place and engaging the mag cycling system, both shown below.

The trigger (as on all weihrauchs bar the hw90) is a very good unit, fully adjustable and has a very nice clean release to it, the S410's trigger needs work to it (degreasing and polishing) and still doesnt get to as good a quality as the hw's unit. Complete with a nice broad trigger blade i have not yet adjusted mine as its near perfect from the factory as it comes. The safety catch is located on the rear right hand side of the action, and unlike my S410's didnt fallout and disappear on the 2nd day i had it Rolling Eyes , it feels nice and solid and has a reassuring feel to it when flicked on safe.

Supplied with a quality walnut stock as standard with nice checkering and white spacers on the buttpad and pistol grip i think its a very smart looking stock although some do think its ugly, i set about oiling it and its brought out some of the grain really well, i went for a satin finish on the rifle as its mainly used in the field so although fully protected from the elements it doesn't shine. Its a nice fitting stock and as i said before the rifle feels well balanced in the shoulder. It is also ambidextrous.

Some pics of the stock Cool

Ive put over 20,000 pellets through this since ive owned it and its been a very good reliable rifle, ive only had one fault, a power fluctuation for which it was sent back to the importers Hull Cartridge. Strangely it came back 5 weeks later saying they couldnt find any fault, a full chrono string was performed to which i have the results. Unfortunately it did come back with a "leak" as when it was filled at Blackpool Air Rifles it was leaking from it relief valve (i think) again it was sent back to HC again (with apologies all round from BAr And HC) and a week later returned to me at home. I couldnt believe it when i filled it and it leaked from exactly the same place. So annoyed i nearly snapped the gun over my knee, but composing myself i thought right ill undo the cylinder a couple of turns and tighten it and sure enough that stopped the leak. Now my thoughts on this are the HC dump the air out the cylinder on posting so maybe the valve isnt sitting right, hence why the quick unscrew and screw back up fixed the problem and it hasnt leaked since, i also think that this was the problem on the leak in BAR but never mind i sorted it in the end Rolling Eyes  Laughing

Overall i really like my Hw100 its a high quality and very well made rifle and as a hunting gun i do prefer it to my s410, i feel its better built, the mag system is one of the best out there (if not the best) the mags themselves are excellent. I also feel that if AA improved a few more simple things on there S410 (and adding a side lever and shrouded barrel doesnt really do that) it could compete with the HW100, but at the moment the hw100 is a much better gun in my opinion.


A good read Ferrets, thanks.
I have the same HW100. I bought it second hand about six months ago to use as my FT gun. I agree with all of the points you made about the HW100.

I had a issue with shot count on mine, 30 and it was in the yellow, 40 and it was running on empty. It was hard to shoot the course without a refill. I gave it to Tony at Sandwell Field Sports who said that it had been messed with and the reg needed sorting. That done I now get a useful 60 shots per fill which is more than enough.

I have a big Nikko on the gun which tends to make it a bit heavy (but not as heavy as my HW97 which I use for HFT). I have found that my gun likes Falcon Accuracy Plus pellets and it will put pellet on pellet at 30 yards and cloverleaf’s at forty.

I have not used it for hunting as I prefer my AA S400 Classic in .22 for that, but the advantages of a short barrel in the field are tempting me to buy a short cylinder and breakout the hacksaw


Thank you.  this has helped confirm my thoughts about this rifle as an initial purchase.

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