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Daystate mk4 review

This will be an on going review

I picked my Daystate Mk4s up last Monday from Eurguns in Doncaster . I choose the Mk4 as I felt it was the perfect replacement of my Weihrauch Hw100 and AA S400, The Hw100 was my hunting rifle and the S400 was my Hft rifle, having a shrouded barrel and the choice of interchangeable single shot tray and mag system made the mk4 the ideal rifle to replace both my main rifles and take over both roles with ease, same scope (Falcon Menace 10x42 ) and aim points, one rifle best solution all round. The main reason for selling both rifles was the s400, I had tuned and tweaked it as much as I possibly could but still couldn't?t get the trigger just how I wanted it, also the s400 stock has never fitted me right and I felt that these things may have been holding me back with my hft score. A personal best of 47/50 (I think it was an easy course that day) and not being able to get past my average score of around 41/50 was annoying me and I felt a change of rifle was needed. Selling the s400 was a hard decision but needed to be done as too with the hw100 I was a bit gutted at the time but in the 6 days ive owned the mk4 I haven't looked back

The daystate mk4s retails at ?865 and the thumbhole at ?970 and having tried Andys mk4s in the past I knew the rifle fitted me and shot very well indeed. First impression on opening the box were pleasing, packaged in a nice over sized cardboard box and sat in made to measure polystyrene protection the rifle is very securely and safely packaged. Apart from the rifle itself there is also the box with the charger in it, a really good instruction booklet with cd rom and a bag with the mag, single shot tray, 2 keys and fill adapter.

The stock

I choose the sporter stock as I had tried the thumbhole the day before and didn?t like the thumb positions as much as I did on the sporter. The stock is made in Italy for daystate and is a nice grade walnut with a nice light oiled finish (that I will improve on myself). The stock is very well made and feels absolutely amazing to shoulder and fits me like a glove, it is a rather unusual design and a couple of people have said they don?t like the shape but most like it and I think it looks amazing, The deep fore end on the stock allows perfect ?fist? shooting off most firing pegs and was something my s400 or hw100 wouldn?t allow due to the shallow fore ends on them. Complete with nice checkering and a rosewood cap on the pistol grip and the small touches like the daystate name and logo on each side and underneath in the checking and stippling finishes off perfectly .

The stock has no checkering on the side (the grip from underneath makes it unnecessary I think) but there is a horizontal groove running through the stock that offer good purchase from you fingers and thumb when holding the rifle Two thumb positions are set in the stock, one at 12o?clock and one at about 10 o?clock and you can also have you thumb round fully as you would on a normal sporter stock, these can be seen below. These 2 thumb positions offer a very nice hold to the rifle and definitely help.

I was lucky with my stock as I only had the choice of one and was pleased to see it had some nice grain to it.

The action.

Finished in a black Anodised type finish the action looks very nice and should last a good long while and wont rust like bluing. The barrel is shrouded and is very quiet, when sat next to a hw100 at my local range and from bout 8 yards away the mk4 shrouded barrel is easily as quiet as a Hw100 with the HW moderator on and we all know how quiet they are. It is possible the add a mod too using an adapter making the rifle almost silent but its not needed at all. The barrel is free floating only the shroud is loosely held by a barrel band but is still able to move about and must only be there for definite security of the shroud and barrel.

My mk4 has the standard cylinder and gives me 160 shots from a 230 bar fill, but andys has the fac cylinder and he gets about 200 shots again form a 230 bar fill, the fac tube is only about 1.5? longer than the standard and can be seen side by side to mine below. Mine is the front one.

Filling is by means of a push fit adapter and as said above 230 bar is the recommended fill pressure, its as good as any fill adaptor ive ever used so no complaints there.

To the rear of the rifle now and we come to the breech and as I said before you have the choice of single shot or multi shot (10 shots). The single shot tray drops into place and is reassuringly held there by two small metal pins and a magnet in the tray, easily removable and swapped for the magazine takes only seconds. The magazine itself is very good and easy to load. Having had 2 of the best mag systems (s410 and hw100) I felt this is where the mk4 may let me down, but no its an excellent mag system and operates flawlessly, each pellet is dropped in and pushed home with a finger nail and cycled anti clockwise it clicks positively each time its turned until you reach the last pellet and the mag is ready for use, you can even go back to a specific pellet by pressing the operating ?sear? below takes the mag back one position. The sear is how the mk4 operates the mag as each time its touched by the bolt it clicks (releases) the mag round ready for the next pellet. Nine shots later a nice big easy to see red dot shows telling you that you are on your last shot of the mag. The mag looks and feels very solid and well made and like the tray is held by a magnet and has a very positive feel when putting it in position..

The ?last shot? red dot warning and magnet shown on the mag

A nice chunky well finished chrome bolt sits at the rear of the action and operates the mag system with a nice smooth operation seeing as the bolt only allows the loading of a pellet as the firing sequence is electronic there is no sprung hammer to pull back it is a very easy mag cycle. The tension on the bolt is adjustable by means of an Allen screw on the scope rail allowing adjustment for the individual shooter, mine was just fine were it was and I left it be.

Below the bolt is the safety switch which when in the on position is illuminated red by showing it is ready to fire, pulling the trigger now will let a shot off as will repeated pulls. Switching it to the off position turns the red light off and renders the rifle unable to fire. it?s a nice and easy to use function and is much more confidence inspiring than a normal mechanical safety.

Underneath the rifle now and to the trigger guard which not only houses the trigger but also the keyed on/off switch and charger socket. Turned 90 degrees with the key and the rifle is completely off and safe. A great feature that is good if children are in the household or just peace of mind knowing that only really you can use your rifle, the keys are all the same but its still an extra safety feature I think is a great idea.

The keyed on/off at the top and the charger socket at the bottom

Now to the trigger, electrically operated by a solenoid it was set a little heavy when I first got it, 2 quick turns with an allen key and it was perfect and I mean perfect a very crisp release its easily the best trigger ive ever had and one of the best Ive shot. Its fully adjustable for virtually anything and the standard chromed blade is exchangeable for a match unit from daystate (about ?60)or as andys has a Pete ?Scooby? Dutton one with a sterling silver blade and very nice it is too.

Andys ?Scooby? trigger upgrade

The scope rail on the mk4 is very good too and ive never seen mounts fit and sit as straight as they do on the mk4, I believe these dovetails are designed to fit BKL mounts but fit my sportsmatch perfect to and the Falcon 10x42 sits atop in the perfect position for my eye relief. One thing to bear in mind as with all multi shots using the mag system requires medium or high mounts to clear the mag.

No pressure gauge is present on the mk4 but you can set the rifle to let you know when you hit a specific fill level by means of the programming available, set to 70 bar it will bleep to let you know this bar fill has been reached and that a refill is required.
You can also set the following too:

Magazine counter , reach shot nine and the red led starts to flash, fire shot ten and it bleeps to let you know your mag is empty.

Safety catch , after one shot the safety switch needs turning back off then on again to get the rifle to fire again (useful in hft)

Power adjustment (reduction only), 16 different power levels are settable. Ive set my power to 11.4 ftlbs using 7,9 Mosquito express and 11.6ftlbs with daystate/AA feild

Low pressure, as above

Reset to factory defaults, restores all original settings

Right so how does it perform

The rifle was charged overnight (14hours, good for about 3000 shots) and I was at the range the next day to put it through its paces. From shot one after it was zeroed it was putting pellet through pellet at 30 yards and out to 45yards, I did have the odd flyer (1 in 10) that I put down to the barrel being new, using Webley mosquito express (7.9 grain) gave me 806 fps. To say I was impressed with the rifle would be an understatement I knew it was going to be good I just didn?t think it would be that good. I was nailing the 55 yard 20mm knockdown and reset with ease and even the .22 blanks i put out at 45yards , much easier than with any of my other rifles, I only had a couple of hours on the Tuesday, but I made it for it through the rest of the week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday saw me putting over 3500 Mosquito express through it so I think the barrel should have leaded in by now Laughing . Single pellet holes are easily achievable (3 shot groups) from 30 -45yards (wind allowing) and I still cant believe how good it actually is. Cool

Over the chrono and from 230 bar -70bar gives me 160 shots with a variation of only 5fps, pretty good for a non reg?d gun. The mk 4 has a pressure sensor in the cylinder this calculates what pressure there is and works out what pressure to give each shot ?mapping?  each shot to the available pressure and it works very well indeed.

Yesterday gave the Mk4 its first day out at Rivingtons round 6 of the gaunlet HFT and I found it very comfortable to shoot especially the allowing of using my fist to rest the rifle on and the trigger was just fantastic, I scored 45/50 and only next time will see if I can match or improve on this score showing that the rifle has helped me improve my scores but only time will tell. I know one thing its way better for me than my S400 was or ever could have been and I know ive made the right decision in changing rifles

Today gave it its first hunting trip and again I made the right choice in changing to the mk4 form the Hw100. The mk4 felt balanced (even with the bipod on) and didn?t bother me all morning, the S410 always felt awkward when stalking, it was a classic so maybe that why, but even compared to my hw100 the mk4 felt spot on, again the right choice was made over the change of rifle, oh and I also managed to bag a nice sized buck too, so its been christened now too with  a nice 25 yard kneeler back of the head, flip, kick dead a good result considering the weather.

So there you go i tells it like i see it, if its rubbish ill tell you and ill tell you one thing the mk4 is a fantastic rifle well worth considering if you feel the need to upgrade. Oh and a few more pics

[size=150]18/10/08 UPDATE[/size]
Well the mk4 has now had over 8000 pellets through it and is performing fantasticly, my HFT scores are up about 4 points and i really really cant fault the rifle, its been hunting and has bagged a few bunnies, so is living up to it duties very well. Its grouping one pelllet width at 28 yards (3shots) and not much bigger at 45 yards so its fine in the accuracy stakes thats for sure and it loves lubed AA feilds Cool . The stock has had about 7 coats of Tru-oil and has darkened it alot and brough the grain out somewhat more and looks great. I also fitted some chrome qd studs to the stock (quite worring to drill even for me) and replaced all the mounts bolts with chrome ones.
I also bought the Daystate Match trigger unit and that was ?60 well spent as it improves on the standard trigger immensly and looks alot better too, its a bit overpriced at ?60 but hey.......

More pics........... Embarassed

[size=150]16th December 2008 Update[/size]

Had the rifle for over 3 months now and all i can say is that its phenomenal, i really cannot fault it in any way whatsoever, its had well over 20,000 shots through it now (i havent been to the range much lately at all or it would have been alot more) and it hasnt missed a beat, it is superbly accurate easily capable of single pellet hole 3 shot groups at 30 yards and not much bigger at 45+ it just loves AA field 4.52 and set up the way i have it i can aim dead on at a 40 mm kill from 15 -35 yards without worrying about aimpoints.
I can fill it at home before a comp and know i have loads of air to last me for the zero check, plink and comp with out fear of needing a fill so i can leave the dive cylinder at home Wink , using weighed pellets im getting about a 6 fps spread over 150 odd shots running at about 11.5 ftlbs, its just fantastic. The stock is a joy to hold and feels better than any sporter stock ive held before it fits me spot on and handles amazingly and it just looks great Cool .The trigger is an excellent unit and a joy to use, the daystate match upgrade was money well spent and makes an already excellent trigger a bit more user friendly to use.
The rifle has been used for lamping, daytime hunting, hft comps, sporter Ft and general plinking, its been soaking wet in the rain, covered in mud, dropped, banged, scratched :''''', thrown zmoan (more of that in my other "hunting"  thread) and has never malfunctioned, lost zero, leaked and the bluing doesnt fall of if it gets wet (cos it aint blued Laughing ). My Hft scores have risen from around the 40/50 mark to 45/50, 47/50, and my personal best on sunday of 48/50 so i feel the rifle has helped my shooting a lot, i have total confidence in the mk4 and dont worry about it getting wet or getting electric shocks of it Rolling Eyes and the mags dont jam unless you dont load them properly Wink . Im not saying it will never have a fault as what rifles dont. . The best thing i ever did was to buy this rifle Very Happy

I will update again at a later date

Daystate mk4

I'm pretty set on getting one myself, either the Mk4s IS, or the Mk4 Panther out end of May. Not sure what scope to get with it.

I'm pretty new to this, so new in fact, that this will be my first rifle.

I don't want the store to sell me overly expensive stock that doesn't work well with the rifle or cheap rubbish that also doesn't work well.

What scope have you got on your Mk4 and does it compliment the rifle?

Thanks, Devereaux. Forum Index -> Reviews
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